We search the globe for Artisans who handmake beautiful materials using the elements around them. From intricate embroidery to spinning cotton to weaving on a manual foot loom, each piece is handcrafted to the finest detail.

We support the livelihood of these Artisan entrepreneurs through our Full Circle program by paying fair trade prices for their materials, ensuring a stable future for themselves and their families.

After we receive their gorgeous materials, they are encased inside our planet-friendly Ecoresin and made into stunning jewelry pieces.






We empower women to own their own businesses as Stylists for Color by Amber. Stylists sell beautiful jewelry and accessories through Pop-ups, online through their own Color by Amber websites, or through monthly Do Good Box subscriptions.

As Stylist businesses grow, women Artisans are empowered across the world to grow their businesses as well. Together these women provide continual opportunities for each other to succeed





Working closely with our Artisan partners made us what to do more. So we did! Our Do Good Box is a monthly subscription of exclusive jewelry. Each month, subscribers get to choose one of six initiatives that the purchase of their box will donate to that will support an Artisan community.



Ecoresin - What is it?

The secret to capturing the vibrant beauty of our Color by Amber materials is in our clear, durable Ecoresin. 40% of the materials we use to create it are upcycled from other sources, giving the material a permanent home. The other 60% is pure copolyester. That means that not only is it environmentally friendly, but it's also a BPA-free material. We are not just making another disposable product, but we're creating a lasting eco-friendly piece from materials found in packaging for cosmetics, medical, and consumer goods.


The idea for Color by Amber began when Founder Talley Goodson found himself wanting to make a bigger impact with the Full Circle program he had pioneered within the products his architectural company, 3Form, had been producing for generations. Through this program, he had been able to empower and change the lives of Artisans and their communities in countries around the world.

When the concept was developed that 3Form material could be formed into jewelry, he knew instantly that this was the way he could make the bigger impact he’d wished for with the Full Circle program.  This combined with his entrepreneurial spirit and love for design, Talley jumped in with both feet, and challenged a hand-picked team of fashion designers to create a jewelry line that appealed to the masses.



In the beginning, it quickly became apparent this jewelry was different. These weren’t just accessories that could be picked up and sold off the shelf; they each had powerful stories that needed to be told—woman to woman. Talley’s advocacy for women empowerment was strong, which drew him to the Direct Sales industry—a perfect fit for Color by Amber jewelry.

Now Color by Amber is sold by thousands of women across the United States and Canada, where stories are told and the Full Circle mission is continuing to spread and empower more and more Artisans across the world each year.






Talley is the passion and enthusiasm that drives the mission of Color by Amber forward. A born entrepreneur, philanthropist, and outdoor enthusiast, you will rarely see Talley standing still. Rather, you'll find him talking innovation with our design team, installing drip irrigation in organic farms in Senegal, or climbing to the summit of Denali with his daughter in Nepal—all actual things we've found him doing!

With an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a degree in Mathematics from Brigham Young University, Talley has been able to build multiple companies and provide a strong business strategy in addition to his passion and drive.



Kimball has a noteworthy career in leading growth organizations and has a deep expertise in processes and systems. He has had extensive experience as founder, executive, and advisor to multiple early-stage and high-growth businesses. Kimball holds an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and a bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University.

Not surprisingly, when we asked Kimball what he does for fun, his response was..."Work." He added that he has a 10-year old son, so he just has to keep up with whatever he's doing.




Prior to joining Color by Amber, Brandi has served on executive teams for multiple MLM and Party Plan companies, collection wisdom & wrinkles from over 20 years in the Direct Sales industry. She also founded her own successful marketing-communications agency, helping small business owners and entrepreneurs with brand development, marketing, content development, and creative. She's also a noted speaker and accountability couch for up-and-coming female entrepreneurs. 
Most importantly, Brandi's a mom of 2 beautiful girls. She loves books, ethnic studies, and happy hour at the Sonic drive-thru.


Jen has been with Color by Amber since the doors opened the 2012, and has been instrumental in the growth and success of the company. Jen brings 18 years of sales, retail, and fashion industry experience to the CBA team to provide Stylists with the best products and designs in the ever-changing fashion and retail markets. Jen is a well-respected fashion and lifestyle blogger, bringing her stylist tips to individual households through television, as a special guest on prominent webcasts, publications, working with top fashion brands, and working individually with carpet celebrities. 

Jen's one-of-a-kind personality, expertise, and unteachable fashion intuition radiate in her designs as she leaves an undeniable signature mark on Color by Amber's unique and dynamic product line. When Jen isn't working, she loves spending time with her 4 children, her goldendoodle named Willow, and jamming out with friends on her ukulele.