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Every Do Good Box sold gives back to Artisan communities around the world through the Full Circle Foundation. Every month, you can choose a Full Circle initiative that your purchased box will support.





Learn more about what your box does every month:



Your Box's Monthly Impact: 1 week of breakfast for a child in elementary school.


Literacy Training

Your Box's Monthly Impact: 1 textbook for a woman to participate in literacy training.


Community Gardens

Your Box's Monthly Impact: Seeds for 1 woman to start an organic garden. 


Artisan Training

Your Box's Monthly Impact: 1 day of training with our onsite Full Circle Trainer


Midwife Training

Your Box's Monthly Impact: 1 item added to a Midwife Training Starter Kit


Micro-Savings Groups

Your Box's Monthly Impact: Supports a woman for 1 year in a Micro-Savings Program 




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